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Dan L. Martin’s “only easy day was yesterday”…

As a former Division President for a Fortune 500 Company, Dan volunteered to take the reigns of a struggling division and ushered in a complete transformation.  Within three years, he drove revenue from $15M to over $140M.
His work resulted in a dramatic increase in customer satisfaction – from 61% to 96% in only six months. He received four prestigious industry awards for excellence. Life was good…but Dan wanted to do more; he wanted to know if he could do “what few men can do.”

Dan’s high energy and love for adventure inspired him to do the unthinkable. At 42 years old, he became one of the oldest men to endure Extreme Navy SEAL training in Chesapeake, Virginia. It didn’t matter to Dan that he was beyond his years to earn the esteemed Letter of Recommendation required for all Navy SEALs–he had to know if he would be one of the guys to “ring the bell". True to form, Dan was never out of the fight. He endured “Hell Week”–a cauldron of pain that transforms “Tadpoles” into the worlds most elite “Frogmen"–and he was chosen as the class “Honor Man,” a title assigned only to the strongest leader. But, that was yesterday

Dan continued to seek out the most daring challenges and adventures he could find for a man that has an ability to put pain on the shelf. His search led to IronMan. Now, Dan is a 2x Ironman Triathlete.

As a military historian and avid reader, Dan has taken pen to hand and is now writing some of the most daring adventures in a military thriller series of novels. His travels as a high energy speaker have taken him around the globe to 22 countries. His honest, straightforward delivery continues to make him a highly respected speaker and his powerful, exciting keynotes are deeply researched and tailored specifically for audiences. Dan is also fluent in Tagalog (Filipino).

Dan and his beautiful wife, Bella, founded Batavi LLC in 2015.

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