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“The Only Easy Day…"
Dan is a high energy adventurer, who, at the age of forty-two years old, dared to do the inconceivable. During his tenure as Division President for a Fortune 500 company, Dan challenged himself in one of the most daring feats of his life. He became one of the oldest men to ever complete Navy SEAL training. In this high energy presentation, he shares compelling stories from SEAL training, including “Ole Misery" and “Honor Man", and inspires audiences with the message that innately we are all special force operators with the power to achieve the unimaginable. Suitable for all audiences; inspirational and motivational.

“The Greatest Liar is Fear"
After Navy SEAL training, for two years Dan Martin trained to compete in the 140.6 mile IronMan Triathlon, once again testing his will to “put pain on the shelf". This powerful presentation digs deep into the psyche of a Navy SEAL-trained 2x IronMan Triathlete who candidly dispels the myths about fear and shares the powerful truth behind success. Suitable for all audiences; inspirational and motivational.