“I am sure you receive compliments about your work ethic, productivity, energy and drive. To those I say, AMEN. But most of all, you are a man of great character, Dan! Keep up the great job of being you!" – S.K.
“Thanks, Dan. That talk you gave today may turn out to be the most important talk of the decade for many. Great job!"G.P.
“I appreciate the inspirational talks that only a man of your caliber can give, that inspires and upbuilds listeners, not just in business but in life." – M.G.

“Dan…you are the one that I find myself relating to and taking direction. I absolutely TRUST your business sense." – M.S.
“I appreciate your business style…your warm personality and willingness to listen to anything." – J.D.
“I have looked forward to your presentations each week. You are a great and powerful teacher! You always bring the spirit and your lessons and analogies always hit home with me. Thank you!" – J.P.
“I really enjoy hearing about all of your experiences. They are uplifting and almost always make me thankful for what I have. Thank you, again!" – P.W.
“Dan, your humility is one of your greatest assets. When you speak in front of the masses, when you share your wisdom and experiences, you can barely hear a pin drop…the room is silenced and everyone hangs on for the next syllable. You have no idea the depths of which you touch people’s lives. You are gifted beyond words." – K.W.
“Dan, you did a super job on stage with your presentation. It was your passion, charisma, and competency that came through beautifully and impacted the audience…you speak like a Rock Star! Thank you for all you do!" – M.H.