We Are Batavi

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From the reign of Caesar to the empire of Romulus Augustulus, some of the most ferocious fighters, Rome’s special forces, were not Roman at all. Rather, they were hardened men referred to as Batavi that hailed from the Dutch Rhine Delta. The Romans valued these men highly.  Their honor to the Empire and remarkable fighting skills afforded them the distinction of full association with the Roman native land and Army, as well as relief from the burdensome taxes required by the Empire.

Batavi warriors’ reputation preceded them—they were disciplined to a fault, of strong mind, and set apart by doing what few men could do. Perfecting swift current river crossings in full armor and capitalizing on the element of surprise, one might even say they were the Navy SEALs of their time. When the impossible needed to be done, the Romans, time and again, called upon the fighting men of Batavi.

Their ethos was manifested in the way that they fought. Well before the Navy SEALs were conceptualized, the Batavi employed the philosophy of every SEAL Frogman: “The only easy day was yesterday”. Succinctly rephrased by the ancient historian, Tacticus, when referring to Batavi warriors:

“Others go to battle, these go to war.”

Their consistency for amazing feats allowed the Romans to define their Batavi brothers-in-arms as exceptional fighters, brilliant horseman, excellent swimmers, and fierce combatants in any environment. Indeed, they were the embodiment of professional warriors.


Since the days of antiquity, troops have marched into battle with a standard (flag). One man from each army was given the honor to carry that standard into battle. It was more than a mere piece of cloth strapped to a stick. Emblazoned on the standard was a symbol that represented their ideals, beliefs, and countrymen. It personified their indelible, deep-seeded level of quality and attainment. Under no circumstances was the standard to be dropped or abandoned, for this beacon of belief was a constant reminder to every soldier why they did what they did.

Batavi LLC  was born in the spirit of these warriors. Our company is dedicated to promoting the works of Dan L. Martin and Bella Martin in the areas of writing, speaking, and leadership/teamwork mentoring.

We are honored to pick up, once again, the standard that the men of Batavi lived and died for–their ethos of excellence, training, integrity, and overwhelming drive to do what few men could.

We are Batavi…